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The Hosts

Talking About Sports podcast is hosted by a pair of Penn Staters who hail from opposite sides of PA. Each week is a battle of wit, knowledge, and hilarity. It's the right amount of sports passion and humor for any sports fan.


They met at Penn State despite having their allegiances to the Eagles and Steelers respectively. While Cody needed Steve to pass calculus, Steve needed Cody to teach him how to live. 


It is by fans for fans. Sports debates with a touch of ridiculous. There will be brackets, debates and plenty of good-ole-fashioned sports rants.

Cody York

Cody was born from a Dad that excelled at kicking, punting and high-jumping. Cody also learned what irony was earlier than most considering his complete lack of "ups" or ability to kick a football high and/or straight. But, that didn't stop him from finding a way to be average in almost every sport. From third string quarterback in high school to softball captain in a post-college rec league, he's really come a long way...athletically. 


Beyond his apparent sports prowess, Cody is the epitome of the sports fan with dedication across the board. Cody has won his family's mini-golf tournament 5 years in a row. He thinks rings on both hands would be a bit much, so next year will be a battle of competition and tackiness. He was once spotted wearing a poncho in a final round while it was pouring. (he may or may not have wrote that in a cover letter to Nike back in college)


He was an avid collector of baseball hats and has over 40 of them from Brewers to Expos to Astros. More importnat, Cody pitched on the little league world series field. In fact, he only threw two pitches and they were both strikes. He also pooped on the 18th green of Pebble Beach. Who else can say that? (he was 8 months old, but still...)


Lastly, to pass public speaking at Penn State, Cody proposed an 8-team NCAA football playoff and sold his point through empircal data. Boy, was he ahead of his time?

Steve Wyszomierski

Steve's expertice in all things sports began well before he was born when his mother was  four year letter-woman at the University of Pittsburgh as a forward on the women's basketball team. Her senior year was the first year Title IX was instituted, and during that season, she also won the MVP of the team award. 


Steve's athletic apex occurred at the age of 12, when his Little League All-Star team won the PA State Title, he had his picture on the front page of the local paper, and they eventually lost to the future World Series champions, Toms River New Jersey! You might remember that Todd Frasier was on that team...and he now plays 3rd base for the Cincinnati Reds. 


Steve had a brief stint playing childhood soccer, when in two years as the goalie, he went 0-21-1. Perhaps this is where Steve's hatred of soccer comes from.


In college at Penn State, Steve did show a proclivity for being a quarterback. During annual Penn State Glee Club pick up football games, QB Steve went a record of 3-1, including a particularly thrilling game on the beaches in Galvaston, TX. If only Steve's dad would have let him play football in high school, he most likely could have been the back up QB, just like Cody (Steve's senior year, Derry Area football went 1-7).


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