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The Sports Memorabilia Draft

Cody and Steve are starting new sports museums (Apparently next to each other) and took turns drafting unique and interesting items for their initial display. Here are the results:


  1. Bartman’s Walkman

  2. Shilling's Bloody Sock

  3. The playbook page with “Philly Special”

  4. Wind in a bottle that has the draft from Usain bolt in Olympics

  5. Lance Armstong's first wife’s diary

  6. Rodman's Old Hair Dye

  7. Steve’s first LL HR


  1. OJ Glove

  2. 9-iron that went through Tiger's escalade

  3. Holyfield’s OTHER ear

  4. Tears from the Crying Jordan

  5. Geno Auriema’s Brain (for science)

  6. Allen Iverson’s step-over Lue shoes

  7. Manti Teo’s G/f’s engagement ring

The entire draft and discussion around the items can be heard in this week's episode here

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