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VIDEO 1: Talking About Sports records a live drinking game where Cody and Steve must name every School's location and mascot that aren't obvious. Each one wrong, you must drink. See how poorly Steve did in this video.

VIDEO 2: Cody and Steve predict the remaining portions of the NCAA college basketball bracket by using better color scheme/jersey as the criteria.

VIDEOS 3 & 4: 16 team bracket of the most badass team names in all of college sports and the lamest or silliest team names in all of college sports. Let the debate begin. 

Listen to the whole podcast episode at

All episodes found on our home page or on iTunes.

The Holiday Bonzana Episode is upon us and this video clip kicks us off. See the whole series to catch the reactions to the sports rants and a variety of fun programming throughout the episodes. 


Concluding the song development from the set of Holly Jolly Sports Bonanza Episode - Talking About Sports with Cody and Steve

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